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Want a sexy avatar like all the bajillions shown on Livejournal, but completely and utterly computer illiterate. Well, thats what were here for. Just ask one of our credited avatar makers and you will be hip and trendy in no time.

that was such a bad intro.


But, but, but whats the difference?
the size silly.


The Moderators




!!! please put all requests in an LJ-CUT !!!

To request an avatar or an icon, please fill out this form:

Requests are reserved for members of the community only. You may make a request whenever you want, and one of the credited makers will fufill it. If you arent listed as a maker, please dont fufill anything, just send in an application, seriously, it will take five minutes, then you can fufill whatever you want.

You must provide your own pictures. Provide a link to the picture and fill in the following request form.

1. Avatar or Icon:
2. Background picture (link please):
3. Background color:
4. Text:
5. Font:
6. Font Color:
7. Font Size:
8. Animated (y/n):
8a. If So, describe:
9. Color or B&W:
10. Other details:
11. Screenname/Email.. someway to contact you in case of mental breakdown:


To request a layout, please fill out this form:

Once again, you must provide your own pictures. Provide a link to the picture and fill in the following request form. blah, blah, blah.

current livejournal style: (generator, tabular indent, default):
background picture:
entry background color:
entry alignment:(left, right, center):
picture alignment:
border: (ex. solid, dashed, dotted, inset, outset)
border size:(ex. 1=thin, 10=very thick)
border color:
link colors:
link effects:
font color:
font size:
comment links:
number of entries per page:
scrollbar colors:
something to reach you with my dear:


To become an Avatar Maker, please fill out this application.

[-] Name:
[-] Age:
[-] Location:
[-] Tools of the Trade:
[-] Do yo do layouts?:

Finally, give us a minimum of 2, maximum of 5 avatars that you have made yourself. These can feature any genre that you desire. (no stealing!)

please put this in an lj-cut. (if you dont know how, look here.)

and please put (( Am I Provocative? )) in the subject line or it is an automatic no.

Good Luck!


please promote:

some promotional tools


Credited Provacateers:

___onlyinvowels (I,L)
graymuse (I)
xenslavedx (I)