morningstar_xo (morningstar_xo) wrote in x_astir_x,

I hope the lj cut thingyu works ;\.

current livejournal style: (generator, tabular indent, default): default
background picture:
entry background color: transparent
entry alignment:(left, right, center): left
picture alignment: right
border: (ex. solid, dashed, dotted, inset, outset) dashed
border size:(ex. 1=thin, 10=very thick) 1px
border color:#8E388A
link colors:#8E388A
link effects: blur
font: times new roman
font color: white
font size: 8
cursor: a fish? if not then crosshair
comment links: wow %%message count%% have shark tales
number of entries per page:15
scrollbar colors: everything white except the outline & arrow which would be: #8E388A
something to reach you with my dear:
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